Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Feeling "Blah" Today.....Escape Now !

Many people experience days where they express as, "feeling blah". So that got me thinking....what exactly is "feeling blah"? What I have figured out is that "feeling blah" can mean different feelings for different people.

Some people use the term "blah" when they are feeling down and out, or even upset or depressed. Others use the term more loosely and just experience feelings of indifference or lacking excitement and fun. In addition, some people try to analyze where the feeling of being "blah" is coming from, while others just accept it as it is.

Even I use to express feelings of "blah-ness" years ago, and as I recall, it was not a pleasant feeling at all. What I would like to share with all of you are some helpful tips (one of which is simply the photo above) that can help you to escape your feelings of "blah-ness":

1) Just take a moment and look at the picture I have posted along with this blog. Try to only to focus on that picture. What do you see? A beautiful sunset, a cute little puppy, a warm beach shoreline. Notice any memories or feelings that arise in you while you focus on this picture.

2) Take a moment to be still and connect with your inner space, or peace. Take a deep breath and focus on your breath going in and then going out. Notice how your body is nourished with the fresh air going in, and then how refreshing it feels to expel that air. When you truly focus on your breath for only a moment, a sense of relaxation and peace may overcome you and your body.

3) Write down your ideal day. Take a minute or two and write down what an ideal day (or dream day) would look like, and play out for you. If you could do anything or be anywhere, where would that be? What would you be doing? Imagine doing that very thing, or being in that very place. Now look to see if there is any way that you can take something from your ideal day and creatively incorporate it into your current moment? For example, if you imagine relaxing in a hot jacuzzi with candle light, then maybe later in the evening you can take a bath and light a candle or two. Another example could be, if you imagined living in a large new home with beautiful furniture, to go out and buy one small thing that could represent your ideal home (e.g. a figurine or a fancy glass or vase).

4) Buy yourself a small bouquet of bright flowers and place them in a room you will spend most of your time in today.

There are just a few ideas and tips that you could use and practice in order to escape your feelings of being "blah". I want to point out that if you try any of the tips above, even if it lasted for just a moment (i.e. seconds or minutes), realize that during those moments you were not experiencing or feeling "blah". You were either busy smiling at a nice picture, a nice bouquet of flowers, or figuring out your ideal day.

The world if full of moments.....choose wisely how to fill and experience each of your moments.

Best wishes to all always!!

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Jamaica Mon said...

Very true! Also, remember, only you can make yourself feel blah. Just like you are the only one who can truly do anything for yourself. Blah's are a product of being a victim of your own feelings.